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Medical expenses remain one of the leading causes of financial stress and personal bankruptcy. At ClearStreet we are developing products and tools that help employers and their employees reduce their healthcare spend. By supporting enrollment in more efficient healthcare options, we help employers reduce their overall healthcare budget. At the same time we help employees get greater utility from their healthcare plans and help them become smarter healthcare consumers.

SaveWell HSA

The SaveWell Health Savings Account (HSA) works with an employer-sponsored health plan to help take the worry out of looming healthcare deductibles associated with high deductible health plans. We also provide employees with decision support tools, that take the mystery out of insurance billing and provide assistance when shopping for care within a medical plan.

Unlike a “regular” HSA, the SaveWell HSA makes funds available when medical expenses warrant — even if account contributions-to-date are less than the expense. The SaveWell HSA prevents employees from being caught short when needing to meet deductibles.


Take Charge

SaveWell HSA is supported by employer contributions in addition to individual pre-tax contributions.


Pay more easily

Draw needed funds anytime – even if what has been paid in is less than the need.


Manage costs better

Use the decision support tools to track and manage healthcare payments.


Price Options

Find the best care at the best price within a plan.


Demystify billing

No more mysterious billing codes – know what is being charged and why.


Get Help Fast

The healthcare navigator is there to make the healthcare plan work better.

For Employers


We help employers save money while helping employees get greater utility from their healthcare plans. The ClearStreet program removes the barrier to enrolling in high deductible healthcare plans.

ClearStreet Benefits:

  • Increased enrollment in money saving high deductible plans
  • Reduced healthcare spend for employers and employees
  • Encourage employee adoption of Health Savings Accounts - a lifelong Triple Tax Advantaged asset

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does the program cost?
  • Employers pay ClearStreet a per employee per month fee based upon the number of eligible employees.

  • Do I have to change my healthcare provider?
  • You don't have to change your healthcare plan provider to work with ClearStreet. We can work alongside any qualifying high deductible healthcare plan.

About Us

ClearStreet was founded to address the problem that 76% of the US population lives paycheck to paycheck. Our mission is to help every American become financially healthy. We help people better manage their money by providing proven behavioral-based strategies and tools.

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